Nice to Meet You … (Now Let’s Take Off Our Pants) looks at love in small encounters

Photo: National Arts Festival

Nice to Meet You … (Now Let’s Take Off Our Pants) showcases those moments when people bump into each other and it feels like they are bound to be potential lovers. Through a series of vignettes, the audience is introduced to a number of prospective lovers who explore love, friendship, disasters and other acts preceding the sacred ritual of taking off one’s pants.

These encounters just before love springs upon the various couples reflect occurrences that take place daily: from the scenes showing the characters awkwardly getting to know each other on the first date to those showing the changed emotions of a couple goofing around makes this show very quaint and quirky.

This light-hearted piece shows how long a time friendships blossom into love, the lessons one learns from disastrous first dates, and the untold reality of flings.

You can watch Nice to Meet You … (Now Let’s Take Off Our Pants) on 6 July at 4:30pm, 7 July at 12pm and 6:30pm, and 8 July at 7pm at Drill Hall.

By Kimara Singh