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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Pretina De Jager does not suck

Pretina De Jager is spunky, naive and unashamedly herself. A first language Afrikaans speaker, Pretina gets put into an English high school in Grade...


Skilled keys explore the sounds of Africa

In his most recent book, The African Imagination in Music,Ghanaian-born musicologist, Kofi Agawu,outlines the appropriation of African musical materials in African art music across-cultural encounter that has western aspects...

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A recurring nightmare from the past

Anybody who’s ever had a nightmare knows how it feels to fear sleep, to fear the night. “We are sleeping,” our guide at the Drostdy Arch tells us before we...

Women of colour in theatre at #NAF16

There has been a focus on women in the arts at this year's festival, but whether women of all races have been fairly represented is...

Of Sugarbush, mice and men

Sitting in the audience of Florence and Watson and The Sugarbush Mouse, fielding off sideways glances from concerned parents as the lone figure in the back row, I’m...