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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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New home for Village Green Craft Market at the National Arts...

NAF: The Village Green market, which hosts about 300 traders, crafters, food vendors and artists during the course of the 11-day Festival, will move...

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Breathing Spaces

Rhodes University lecturer, Jenny Gordon, hosted the exhibition Breathing Spaces which was held at Monument in Grahamstown during the National Arts Festival. Gordon has been...

Hindsight: After the Fall

Unlike the typical American action movie, Lee Hyung-seung's Hindsight does not play with the classical action movie conventions. Taking a whole new perspective on the...

A Muse: What does love look like when it’s out of reach?

In Ji-woo Jung's "A Muse", a nationally renowned poet, 70ish-year-old Lee Jeok-yo, starts taking risks for 16-year old Eun-gyo after she starts working as...