How could I: Secrets cause unspeakable damage

The cast of 'How could I' Photo: Oscar Vilanculos/Cue

How Could I is the story of a teenager who gave birth to twins. Lights out, pitchblack, noise on the stage. Suddenly, there were four people standing on the stage, visible only by the white on their clothes. Suspense kicks in.Acapella music playing in the background, you could not miss the sorrow in their voices. As it plays, a mother walks in with a suitcase and a disturbed look on her face. She poured out her heart with words, which I could not decipher as I was taken for a moment by the sweet combination of the acapella and her words. The feel in the room was transformed by this opening. Everyone, including those on their phones, were captivated and drawn to the performance on stage. Thankfully, the phones were then turned off, silence and stillness took over.

The absence of names being used to identify the actors increased the suspense in the play. The multiple cut scenes and blackouts, left it to the imagination of the audience to interpret the act and judge its effectiveness. The play’s suspense did not fail to deliver a long-awaited climax to the audience, which will leave every member reeling from shock.

As the play unfolds the audience is faced with the truth, that secrets can cause unspeakable damage to your loved ones. Moreover, as the truth is disclosed the audience is appalled to find out the real extent of the damage.

The excellent use of the stage by the actors allows for a complete realisation of the narrative and message. Moreover, the smooth flow from one scene to another is carefully executed, making it easier to understand the message conveyed. The stage performance, and the actors impeccable transformation into the play’s characters, is a well-balanced fusion. It creates a unique reality and gives the play its soul.

It is an entangled play that incorporates the processes of the day to day, and the avoided and taboo topics. The play brings these together beautifully without losing the audience in that combination, and it wraps it all up breathlessly and evoking the uncontainable joy of a happy ending.

By Oscar Vilanculos