Rather put Ellipses… after that thought

Photos: Kyle Prinsloo

Lights down…
There they are.

A massive congregation of dancers. Loud music. Bodies telling a story. Flowing together.

In punctuation, an ellipsis is used to denote a moment of thought. That something is still to come – this is not where it ends. What happens when the thought that is coming might be something that makes you uncomfortable? Or if it’s something that makes you think differently from your usual, boring, day-to-day?

Directors Debbie Turner and Nathalie Vijver returned to the Festival this year with Ellipses… in an attempt to answer these questions. A beautifully choreographed performance by The Cape Academy of Performing Arts; this show is a spectacle of note. The movements use excerpts from authors like Charles Bukowski and interweaves the words with their movements. An interesting take on the modern perception of what dance can portray, the performance made use of ballet and contemporary dance to express itself. With music that perfectly accompanies the emotions the dancers make you feel, this is definitely something that will have you sitting in suspense each time the lights go out.

The message I received from this performance was beautifully tragic. It asked me: “Are you wasting your time? Are you sitting there, waiting for a message you will never receive? What are you doing with your life?” The dancers looked right at me – with absolute passion on their faces – and told me that there is something we desperately need to change about the way that we conduct our daily lives.

Ellipses… makes you uncomfortable, but it makes you realise that sometimes being uncomfortable in confronting issues is the first step to making a change. Even if you do not take the same message from the show, or any message at all for that matter, the groundbreaking and committed performance given by the dancers was astounding. Every moment kept you on the edge, waiting for the next graceful movement to sweep you away even better than the one before.

Ellipses… is surely a must-see show at the Festival this year, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates the art of telling stories through bodies.

Written by Emily Stander
Photos by Kyle Prinsloo