The Flute Player: discovering one’s true purpose

Theresa Dwyer (piano) and Tatiana Thaele (flute) enthralling their young audience during their first performance. Photo: Supplied.

This music production, featuring Theresa Dwyer on the piano and Tatiana Thaele on the flute, tells a heartwarming story about a young girl who discovers her purpose. The Flute Player is great for children and adults alike, as was seen for their first performance at Memory Hall.

The story follows the emotional journey of a young girl who plays the flute like no one else can. Her positive outlook and quiet life are disrupted by a passing stranger who, after listening to her play the flute, was so enthralled that he requests her to join his family in the city.

Now, without giving too much away, the audience then joins the flute player on her journey where she encounters a range of emotions, each given life through Thaele’s expressiveness on the flute. Dwyer carries the performance with her accompaniment on the piano, giving the flute player the musical support to the emotional energy she conveys.

Thaele’s dramatic narration engages the audience, who were especially young during the first performance, and encourages the children to associate the words and emotions to the musical parts in between the narration.

Undine, another musical production at the Festival featuring Thaele and pianist Yohan Chun, also follows a similar structure and can be enjoyed by all ages. Both shows encourage and welcome audiences who have not had previous contact with this genre of music along with younger audience members to join in on this poignant and vivid experience. 

This inaugural performance directed by Dwyer and written by Thaele, while the music featured a selection of pieces by Bach, Gonoud, Schubert, Faure, Casey Chiang (a South African composer), and Clark. The production successfully drew quite a number of parents with children in tow for their first performance, and comes highly recommended.

Catch The Flute Player at Memory Hall on 3 July at 16:00, and 4 July at 12:00.

By Shraddha Patnala