Pop, lick, squish iCherri


What does it mean to be a virgin, is it real, where can one find this thing called virginity, and how on earth do you lose it? This production looks at how issues arising from the status of virginity serve to discriminate against women and their sexuality – while at the same time not holding men accountable.

Through numerous accounts of people’s experiences with virginity, including the cast, writers and producers themselves, the story of Pop iCherri is told through the eyes of Ntombi, who is only in high school and seeks a bursary to get a higher education and take care of her mother.

Pop iCherri touches on many issues at the heart of the debate around virginity bursaries. It also serves to address the lengths many young women will go to, and their consequences, to fulfil the role of virgin.

This is a unique look at a commonly held position about virginity bursaries as discriminatory against women and their sexualities.

By Chitalu Mwanakatwe