Reza Khota Quartet will put your mind at ease

Reza Khota Quartet deliver an inspiring sound that tastefully toes traditional jazz with contemporary approaches. Photo: Sakhile Dube

When I was young, I used to hate jazz. I would ask myself, “Why are they playing instruments without singing?”. However, I knew all the songs that my sister loved. I don’t know what happened later on, but what I know now is that I’m a big jazz fan. And that draws me closer to the polyrhythms of Reza Khota Quartet. 

Reza Khota Quartet does not only entertain, but the band heals, keeps the mind at ease and peacefully transforms you. You can lay your troubles aside in this polyrhythmic sphere, where each instrument is given the rightful sound space. The musicians indulge their instruments while you slowly move your body and feet, your eyes closed and journeying to an inner space.

They presented material from their debut album, Transmutation at DSG on 7 July. The foursome are comprised of Reza Khota on guitar, Buddy Wells on sax, Shane Cooper on bass, and Jonno Sweetman on drums. The band are mesmerising, and create an otherworldly auditory realm, vivacious and grooving as if in a ritual dance. Their connection to the musical moment is extraordinary.

The show navigates the modern music scene and respectfully disrupt the traditions associated with jazz, which the band adds their voice to in the new culture of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Saxophonist Buddy Wells creates a beautiful tone, laden with profound sensitivity that allows for complete immersion.

Khota is a classical guitarist and a multi-award winner who is equally comfortable following the score or allowing it to unfold from the silence on stage. Khota’s mature playing produces a distinct voice, and a performance with a musicality and technical facility that recalls the rich history of the instrument.

By Sakhile Dube