Revolution – Ndophele ngaphakathi: Aluta Continua!

Revolution expresses pain over the past and the present. Photo: Nelly Zulu

Revolution – Ndophele Ngaphakathi by Mojo Entertainment is a dance piece that expresses pain and frustration towards the apartheid government for the loss of the performers’ family members during the struggles. It also conveys disappointment about the current leadership, who have failed to deliver on their promise of freedom.

Revolution, directed by Sanda Gxamza and choreographed by Nomhle Qambata, brings a group of young people who have experienced intense suffering together on stage. They formed the dance group in 2007 to communicate how they feel through their favourite medium.

During apartheid, many husbands were forced to go into exile. Women were left alone to take care of the children, with no money and no breadwinner. The women were forced to take upon the responsibility of the survival of their families.

The dancers remind us of this, as we are introduced to a wife who has lost her husband to the struggle — he was brutally necklaced. We watch as the woman, who is haunted by her husband’s spirit, tries to remember how happy they were before his life was taken. She is in pain, and cannot move past the hurt. Throughout the show, she repeats the phrase “ndophele ngaphakathi” — “I’m bleeding inside”.

Revolution uses powerful movement to tell us different stories about the darkest part of South African history, connected by a common thread of anger and hurt. There was no peace in those days. But people did not give up fighting for their rights; they had the power, as the dancers shout Amandla Awethu!

Catch Revolution by Mojo Entertainment on 8 July at 4pm and 9 July at 10am at Centenary Hall.

By Nelly Zulu



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