Nik Rabinowitz: Unapologetically politically incorrect

Nik Rabinowitz's new show explores the era of middle-age in a politically incorrect way. Photo: supplied.

He’s just turned 40. He’s recently become a father for the third time. He’s Nik Rabinowitz, and he’s come to the conclusion that there is “not enough time for a mid-life crisis”. Instead, he has put on a new one-man show.

“At most – AT MOST! – I have 10 seconds in the bathroom before I hear that knock on the door.”

The fast-talking, Xhosa-speaking Jewish comedian from Cape Town reflects on the madness of our world in his show Fortyfied. From the chaotic cussing that took place at SONA 2017, to the relief of not having to grow up in today’s digital era, to having ‘the talk’ with his children.

Of course, a comedic homage to the era of being middle-aged would be incomplete without a trip down memory lane. Rabinowitz talks about growing up Jewish (but only finding out on the cusp of adolescence), competing in the Jewish Olympics, and how his time at Waldorf prepared him for life.

The crowd — quite literally roaring and squealing with laughter, in his defense — are mostly white, middle-aged folks. If you’re looking for something politically correct, Fortyfied is not it. With a few too many stereotypical impressions, the show sticks out like a sore thumb against the backdrop of this year’s theme of disruption.

Catch Fortyfied on 8 July at 12pm at St. Andrew’s Hall.

By Kayleigh Pereira