Jennie Reznek flows through transient worlds


The theatre doors open, and the audience floods in. The peaceful sound of trickling water fills the air. The immense space of the Graeme College theatre is magnified by the presence of a single woman. In I Turned Away and She Was Gone, she begins to narrate the cycles of life of three generations of women, creating an experience that engages almost all five senses.

The performance unfolds through a set of meticulously crafted vignettes, each painting its own picture of the past, the present and the future. Actress Jennie Reznek successfully embodies a young child, a mother and an elderly woman who are all presented through striking vocal projection and expressive movement vocabulary.

Reznek destroys the fourth wall, moving the audience out of complacency by interacting and conversing with them. This is not the only technique she uses to hold our attention; her bursts of dance are just as captivating as her evocative verbal descriptions of an underworld, a mother affected by dementia and a missing daughter.

The show takes the audience on a journey through emotions from anxiety to euphoria; it’s relatable and taps into the deepest pools of our psyche, allowing us 65 minutes of insight into a world of love, loss and death.

Photos: Kyle Prinsloo

Review by Megs Kelly