Young dancers gain Momentum

Momentum is a celebration of youth. Photo: Sakhile Dube.

A group of 12 young dancers from Cape Town blew the crowd away with their six-part choreography, leaving them chanting “We want more!”.

The troupe, a part of 34/18 Youth Dance Company and all between the ages of 14 and 18, fuse ballet, contemporary and a bit of hip-hop in a remix of classical dancing.

Choreographer Wendi Abrahams says that each of the dances have been arranged by different people to show the versatility of the dancers.

Some of the pieces in their show include “Calm after the storm”, which gives hope to anyone going through a difficult situation; “We breathe, we dance” is about the love of dance; while “Why did you have to die, Zoe?” is a solo dance by Lindsay September, dedicated to her friend who committed suicide. She expresses both anger at her friend and acceptance of the situation.

It was Abrahams who trained South Africa’s first So You Think You Can Dance winner, Elizma Wildschutte, in 2008, with three of her other dance students making it into the top ten.

Abrahams says that choosing the accompanying songs for each dance is a complex process. Sometimes she thinks about a piece first, then chooses a song, and other times hears a song and thinks about a dance that will go with it.

The show celebrates the talent of the youth. Abrahams works with young girls because she wants to empower them, particularly in communities where they grow up in the face of serious challenges like poverty, drugs and alcohol abuse.

Momentum is a must-see. These young dancers are mesmerising, and you will without a doubt find yourself nodding your head and tapping your feet along with the beat.

Catch Momentum on 6 July at 4pm, 7 July at 6pm and 8 July at 12pm at PJ’s.

By Sinethemba Witi



  1. Our star Lindsay September is from such humble beginnings. Raised by a single parent who dedicates her life to make sure that she is not swallowed up in the crime and drug infested suburb where she is currently living in. Her mom a sole breadwinner and caring for her 85 year old mother finds it difficult to pay the fees required to keep her dancing.Lindsay makes us so proud by her love for dancing and having to sacrifice holidays and free time to commit to her dancing, not withstanding the pressures of peer pressure, matric and the clashes with her mom about boyfriends. A typical teenager going through life.