Press release: LIQUID SILVER: Sanctuary

George Hirsch, Kirana Peters and Deborah Jackson performing in Sanctuary, the latest entry in the LIQUID SILVER trilogy. Photo: Ian Douglas

The third instalment in the Eva Dean Dance (EDD) company’s LIQUID SILVER series, Sanctuary sees three dancers propelled through invisible corridors illuminated by candlelight, rituals and inner yearnings. Created in Brooklyn, New York – a sanctuary city in the USA in which EDD operates – the production’s focal points are growth, the search for cultural connectivity and healing within our community and our environment.

LIQUID SILVER is a trilogy comprising of Pendulum, Labyrinth and Sanctuary. It is one of many prolific, site-specific and collaborative works to be choreographed by EDD – making use of fluid and seamless movement, each part seeks to represent the metamorphosis from transcending out of trauma and into personal solace and freedom.

Established in 1985, the award-winning EDD has become renowned for its neo-contemporary style and cross-cultural focus in New York City. Its mission is to strengthen the presence of dance on both a local and global scale. They achieve this through the choreography of Eva Dean, supporting the work of other choreographers and dancers and provide mentorships to up-and-coming female choreographers. Students of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds have been exposed to the wide and unique repertory of Dean.

EDD is a non-profit organisation that has received support from a variety of foundations and agencies such as the New York State Council on the Arts, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation and the Department of Public Affairs American Embassies. Sanctuary was made possible in part by grants from international dance companies Danscentrum Syd and Dansstationan in Malmö, Sweden.

Catch LIQUID SILVER: Sanctuary on 7 July at 2pm, 8 July at 8pm, and 9 July at 10am at the PJ Olivier Theatre.