Fest 360°: Pig-Headed


His penis is vacuum-packed and fake rainbow lashes frame his eyes. His nose is stretched into a snout and his mouth is a mess of pegs. A mousetrap grips his tongue and spit falls between his feet as he splutters through the Constitution.

He’s reading to a pig’s head on a pedestal; performing for an audience that’s come to gawk. Pig-Headed is Gavin Krastin’s Festival spectacle – a performance piece in which the sordid nature of South African politics is aligned with Krastin’s fascinating commitment to gruesomely disabling his naked body for the sake of his art. He slobbers, snorts and sighs in front of an intimate audience. He makes incisions in his soles under a spotlight. He tries to glug a glass of sparkling wine while holding the smirking pig – the drink pools at his cut-up feet because he’s too peg-faced to swallow.

By Sarah Rose de Villiers