Witness The Wedding


“Lenyalo” or The Wedding is a quirky and alternative public art display performed by Carole Deborde and Oliver Borowski. The National Arts Festival performance began at the Rhodes University Drosty Lawns and continued down High Street in Grahamstown, finishing in the Checkers building on 6 July. By Sophie Foster.

The performance is a wedding ceremony. The gender of the bride and groom are switched, with Borowski acting as the bride, whilst Deborde acts as a very convincing male groom. Both characters have clay masks hiding their identities, which are only revealed at the end of the performance.

The performance successfully disturbed the general street scene, providing memorable humour to onlookers who stopped to follow the bride and groom. Deborde and Borowski engaged with Grahamstown members of the public by taking selfies and interacting with individuals throughout the public show.

Borowski belives that “theatre should be for everyone” and that “you do not need a theatre to perform theatre”. The pair also perform in the public art performance Fleurs de Silence which takes place at the Oatlands School Quad on Friday 6 July at 11:30 and 15:30, as well as Saturday 9 July at 11:30 and 13:00.

Experience the wedding in 360° – click here!