A protest within a protest

OLerato’ona Sesing in #ToyiToyi. Photo: CuePix/Niamh Walsh-Vorster

Choreographed by Kieron Jina, #ToyiToyi is a dramatic dance performance that raises serious questions about the politics of the Rainbow Nation. The work, presented by the University of Johannesburg, explores race relations, homosexuality, and rape culture in our country.

Presented in three parts, #ToyiToyi first looks at race relations in post-apartheid South Africa, while the second takes on the question of homosexuality in the church.

The final part of the performance questions what the Rainbow Nation is about, as the dancers use a wide dance vocabulary to act out scenes that depict rape, prostitution, drinking, and violence in South Africa. The dance ends with the performers all pushing, shoving, punching, and strangling their way to get a piece of the South African cake.

Although an unpolished dance piece, #ToyiToyi is an original, thought provoking and unsettling piece of protest theatre.

Thandi Bombi
Cue student reporter