Virtual Tour: Wim Botha


Suspended with thick wires and secured with bolts, Wim Botha’s works seem to mean nothing and everything at the same time. If you don’t understand what this means, the virtual tour below might  help. If not, go and see it for yourself before the end of the 2014 National Arts Festival.

Wim Botha describes his exhibition as an illusory space defined abstractly and minimally by a black line, like a 3D architectural drawing. Nothing is concrete and the pieces of art all hang from the roof, whether it be busts created from books or large clusters of lights. The black lines that start and stop all over the room are indicative of the different spaces or rooms and they exaggerate Botha’s interest in creating immersive environments.

You can view the exhibition daily at the Albany Historical Museum. Remember to walk in with a willingness to view it from different angles and an open mind.

— Kayla Lidstone